Church Sound 101: Mixing Basics

What you will learn...

This course provides the fundamental knowledge to confidently work with any audio mixing console. Mixing is both science and art – get the insight necessary to achieve a seamless blend of the two.

Instructor Samantha Potter covers:

Gain & High-Pass Filtering (HPF): Gain is arguably the most important facet to understand. Get it right, and understand proper use of HPF, and you’ll be well on you way to providing pleasing, well-balanced mixes.

Equalization (EQ): So many numbers and buttons! But there’s a simple logic behind it all. Learn that logic and you’ll be able to address any input’s EQ to make the right “tweaks” and also find those troublesome frequencies!

Panning: Giving vocals and instruments their own space clarifies and cleans up the mix. Panning helps eliminate “masking” of wanted sounds while moving other sounds out of the way for clear definition.

Dynamics: A balance of loud and soft sounds in the mix can heighten both interest and emotion. Get the basics of how and when to use dynamics – and when not to because they can be overdone and sound sloppy.

Aux Sends & Groups: They can be a great tool for the main mix as well as an effective way to generate a separate monitor mix from the same console. Find out what different groupings mean, how to gain more control of them, alternative mixes and more.

Effects (FX): So many effects (and more created on a daily basis), yet so little time. Properly applied, effects can emphasize certain aspects of the mix and/or make it overall more polished. Learn the two most common effects in live mixes and you’ll be on your way!

Mixing Checklist: A handy list of the necessary steps to success every time you step up to the console. Start off right and it all flows well from there.

Streaming: In this short breakout session, learn key pieces of the streaming puzzle: why we should (or should not) stream, the essentials of how it works, what investment should be made, and some options.

Assessment quizzes are offered after each segment -- it's the perfect time to review what’s been covered so far. Do you understand the essentials? If so, great, keep going! And if not, no worries, you can review that segment again or the entire course as needed.

Improve your audio knowledge today!

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Lead Instructor

Samantha Potter

An active worship tech educator noted for a highly relevant and practical curriculum, Samantha also serves as a sound design consultant and IT media supervisor for the houses of worship market.