Church Sound 101: Microphones & Loudspeakers

What you will learn...

This course provides the fundamental knowledge regarding microphones and loudspeakers, necessary and vital in every sound reinforcement system. 

Instructor Mike Sokol covers:

The Essentials: Operating principles of both devices and then an overview of the two primary types of microphones: condensers and dynamics, as well as how they work and the advantages (and downsides) of each. There’s also an explanation of frequency response and polar pattern – what they mean and why they matter, followed by general guidelines of matching mics with sources (vocals and instruments) along with simple demonstrations to further the discussion.

Micing Instruments: General guidelines for usage – matching mics to their applications on instruments such as drums, drum kits, piano, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitars and more – best practices and useful tips/techniques. The discussion also covers direct (DI) boxes, both passive and active models – how they work and advantageous times to use them. 

Praise Team & Choir Mics: The options, advantages, and downsides to specific types and models of mics, plus guidelines on placements and configurations. A range of options are presented with the bottom line being to help musicians attain better results.

Micing The Pastor: Four popular methods for this all-important channel as well as a few tricks to help in attaining the best sound from each of them.

Loudspeaker Theory: Key operating principles of loudspeakers as well as the various types and what they do, including line arrays, columns, point source loudspeakers and more. Applications of loudspeakers are also covered, in addition to acoustic issues, with a focus on the lower frequencies.

Loudspeaker Placement: Vital things to know when positioning loudspeakers in a room, with simple steps to attain quality coverage of a space along with things to avoid. Stage monitors are also covered, as are ways to make sure they don’t interact with the microphones on stage so that “bad things,” i.e., feedback, are avoided. 

Time for a review of what’s been covered with a quiz. Do you understand the essentials? If so, great, keep going! And if not, no worries, you’ll be fine after a refresher of the course.

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Your Instructors

Lead Instructor

Mike Sokol

Mike is noted for his dynamic, effective worship tech education, most notably as the long-time instructor of the HOW-TO seminars held at hundreds of churches throughout the U.S.