CSU 201: Essentials of Gain System Structure

What you will learn...

The concept of gain structure: a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Every audio system is comprised of a series of components, and when multiple pieces of electronic audio equipment are used together, the gain structure of the system is a vital consideration for overall sound quality. Which components are amplifying or reducing the signal – and by how much? 

This 200-level course, comprised of eight lessons, covers the essential practices for optimizing gain structure in every audio system. The lessons build upon one another in a logical manner, making this often-complex topic more easily understood – and most importantly – more easily put into practice. 

Eliminate weak links!

Learn which components are amplifying or reducing the signal – and by how much? Make your system rock solid. Only $69 for professional video instruction, notebook, review quizzes and certificate of completion -- plus unlimited access! Use Promo Code SAVE-20 for an additional $20 off for a limited time!



Michael Lawrence

Michael is a freelance system engineer and audio educator as well as a Smaart instructor and application support specialist for Rational Acoustics, in addition to being the product manager for Smaart SPL. He also serves as the technical editor for various pro audio publications that include Live Sound International, ProSoundWeb.com, Church Sound magazine, and Ethan Winer’s “The Audio Expert.” On top of all that, he’s the co-host of the popular Signal To Noise podcast on the ProSoundWeb Network – and he really likes tacos.