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What You Will Learn

This Church Sound 101 bundle offers more than 10 hours of training and interactive reviews to ensure comprehension of key audio concepts.   

This comprehensive program includes all of the Church Sound 101 courses and streaming and audio networking bonus materials, as well as Audio 101 for Pastors and Worship Streaming


Audio 101 for Pastors

This provides a comprehensive overview for church leaders on the basics of sound technology and terminology, sound system prerequisites, and tips on building and training your worship tech team.


Church Sound 101: Introduction To Audio

This course covers the essentials that anyone working with sound in their church must know to excel.


Church Sound 101: Microphones & Loudspeakers

This course provides the fundamental knowledge regarding microphones and loudspeakers, which are vital in every sound reinforcement system.


Church Sound 101: Mixing Basics

This course provides the fundamental knowledge to work with any audio mixing console confidently. Mixing is both science and art – get the insight necessary to achieve a seamless blend of the two.


Church Sound 101: RF & Wireless Systems

This course covers the essentials of wireless microphone and in-ear monitoring systems and key facets of radio frequency (RF) to obtain flawless performance every time.


Church Sound 101: Audio Networking

What is networking, and why do we want to utilize it in our systems? What are the advantages?


Church Sound 101: Stagecraft & Wrap Up

Perhaps these are more mundane aspects, but they are critical:  electrical power, electrical safety, stagecraft (stage platform directions), cable wrapping, troubleshooting the most common problems, and system maintenance.


Church Sound 101: Worship Streaming

The streaming course provides church AV teams with the knowledge to make decisions about streaming, technology, and the necessary gear.

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